Blue French Bulldog Is America’s Darling and Awesome Dog

A blue Frenchie has a unique dilute bluish-grey coat, and a deformed left ear, and it is one of the rarest breeds of dogs. The Blue Frenchie sheds less than most other breeds. In addition, it is prone to heatstroke because of its brachycephalic airway, which prevents air from passing to the trachea

A blue French Bulldog has a unique dilute bluish-grey coat, and a deformed left ear, and it is one of the rarest breeds of dogs. The Blue Frenchie sheds less than most other breeds. In addition, it is prone to heatstroke because of its brachycephalic airway, which prevents air from passing to the trachea. As a result, it tends to become very hot during exercise, making it vulnerable to heatstroke.

Blue French Bulldog Is America’s Darling and Awesome Dog

blue French Bulldog is a rare breed of dog

The blue French Bulldog is one of the rarest dog breeds in existence. Their large heads, and their coats of blue, fawn, and white, make them perfect candidates for family pets. While they are not swimmers, they do make great house pets. Merle Frenchies are intelligent, affectionate, and protective. They also enjoy the spotlight. These dogs may require some extra care and attention.

This breed is an extremely beautiful and affectionate dog and can live in many different types of homes. The Blue Merle Frenchie is gentle and friendly and gets along well with children and other pets. While this breed is a small dog, it does need moderate daily exercise and is well-behaved around children and other animals. The Blue Merle Frenchie is a great choice for families with young children, but they do not require an extensive amount of exercise.

It has a dilute bluish-grey coat

The Blue French Bulldog is a breed of small and lovable dog with a distinctive bluish coat. This dilution gene, also known as the black dilution gene, gives this dog its bluish-grey colour. Its coat is usually solid, though it may have patches of white. They have a clingy personality and are good house pets.

Known as the “born blue,” this coat type has a blue appearance from birth. Greying dogs start out black, but gradually fade to a blue colour as the coat grows. Those dogs are affected by the D locus gene, which controls the intensity of eumelanin in the coat and other body parts. It contains two alleles, one for each colour gene.

It has a deformed left ear

A deformed left ear in a Blue French dog can be caused by a variety of different conditions, and there is no single treatment for the problem. Often, however, it is associated with other symptoms, which should be investigated by a veterinarian. Those with permanently downed ears may be stray or abandoned dogs. While the reason for this condition is not clear, it can be caused by malnutrition or parasites.

Although a blue French bulldog is a rare breed, they are considered incredibly attractive. The blue colour is caused by a genetic disorder, known as alopecia. Hence, you should never buy a dog with a deformed left ear. Other common disqualifying characteristics of blue French bulldogs are other ears than bat ears and a weight of more than 28 pounds. The tail of a UK French bulldog is more likely to be straight than that of the United States. Consequently, the American Kennel Club rules do not allow for a screwed tail in a French bulldog.

It sheds less than other breeds

Compared to other breeds, the Blue French dog sheds less than other types. Its coat sheds on average twice a year, but there are times when it sheds more. Sometimes this is caused by health reasons, such as allergies. When shedding is excessive, a Blue French dog should be bathed regularly. If bathing is not an option, bathing salt may be the answer.

The Blue French bulldog is not an exercise-hungry breed. It doesn’t like long walks, but it enjoys basic dog games such as fetch. You can also bring your dog to a local park and take it for a brisk walk. Blue Frenchies are also social and enjoy the company of people, children, and other dogs. This means that your new puppy should not have any difficulty forming friendships.

It is susceptible to ear infections

blue French Bulldogs are prone to ear infections. This condition is characterized by inflammation of the outer ear canal, known as otitis externa. Occasionally, it can also affect the middle ear. Ear infections can cause severe pain and loss of appetite, as well as deafness. The causes of ear infections are largely unknown, but they may include skin allergies, bacterial and fungal growth, or even a foreign body that lodges itself in the ear.

The underlying cause of ear infections in this breed is not known. However, allergies to certain foods are a likely cause. Therefore, it is necessary to take your dog to a veterinarian to get the proper diagnosis. In some cases, medications are ineffective and antibiotics alone will not cure the infection. To prevent the recurrence of ear infections, it is important to follow the recommendations of your veterinarian. Similarly, do not skip the scheduled recheck appointments.

It is easy to groom

The Blue French dog is easy to groom, but the shedding process can be a chore. The short, dense coat is very easy to brush and does not require daily bathing. It only needs to be brushed once per week. Because of its short coat, it is susceptible to skin dermatitis. It is also prone to allergens, such as soap. To avoid these problems, keep your Blue French dog’s coat as clean as possible.

The Blue French dog is one of the easiest breeds to maintain. It requires little grooming, although its coat does shed every couple of months. The breed only needs brushing to distribute its natural oils and remove dirt from playtime. Blue French dogs are not active, but they do like to socialize with other dogs and people. If your family has young children, a Blue French dog is ideal for you. The Blue French dog is easy to socialize with and gets along with children and other pets.


Did you know? The Blue French Bulldog is a colour variety of the French Bulldog, which the AKC lists as the 4th most popular breed. Genetics in their coating creates that marvellous blue colour.

Most are very affectionate like Raoh and should not be left home alone for too long or avoided when home.

They are silly dogs with funny habits. If you’re looking to adopt a French Bulldog, it’s important to also know they should be kept mostly indoors as they are prone to allergies and don’t love to get dirty.

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